Production Teams



Why work alone when you can work in a team?

epa sports camp4

Youth Sports Broadcast Team

Join us for one month or the semester, your choice.

MONTHLY Production Teams = Join for one month

MONDAYS = TV Production Team

Get trained in our studio the 1st Saturday and then practice the 1st Monday of the month.  2nd Monday is a youth TV show planning meeting, 3rd Monday is the youth TV show of the month, and view your show with popcorn on the 4th Monday.  Must be MC trained.  If already MC trained, jump in on 2nd Monday and stay for 3rd and 4th Mondays.
THURSDAYS = Field Production Team

1st Thursdays students meet to brainstorm the video project, 2nd and 3rd Thursdays are field production shoots based on storyboards from 1st Thursday, and 4th Thursday is editing footage into a video that will air on TV.


ACTUALLY, I WANT TO BE ALONE = Video Contest of the Month

MC youth leaders announce a creative or ridiculous or serious and fun contest theme every month. You have until the end-of-month deadline to produce a short video following their mostly reasonable demands.


MULTI-MONTH Production Teams = Join for season

SPORTS BROADCASTING TEAM = Fall, Winter or Spring Season

Maybe you’ve seen the MC Sports truck lurking at local high schools–who’s that guy in the van?  Join Chuck for the season, learn to broadcast in the field, use the van’s mobile studio, and mix footage into coverage worthy for TV. (Read more)


YOUTH MEDIA CORP = Fall, Spring or Summer Session
Want to take on a leadership role at the MC?  Youth Media Corp Interns meet once a week and provide news coverage of local events and issues. They also work as a team to produce one studio program per semester.  (Read more)