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Learning Soup

Our recent studio class produced a show called “Learning Soup”. In this show, our studio student Katherine Cepeda reads from her newly published kid’s book  “He was as Big as a House” to a group of elementary school kids. Katherine’s childrens’ book has ended up in the hands of Michelle Obama, as it teaches kids Read More…

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The Health Reporter

Men generally don’t show the “classic” signs of depression. Even trained clinicians are less likely to correctly diagnose depression in men than in women. In this episode, The Health Reporter discusses the symptoms and causes leading up to depression in men.

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Veterans Helping Veterans

Veterans Helping Veterans TV is a 2013 WAVE Award winner for the best in community media.  We present guests who work on behalf of veterans and provide effective, genuine outreach.  We encourage veterans to join a veteran service organization and to become involved in community service.   Some of the topics we have presented are Read More…

High Five Fitness

High Five Fitness is a fun and interactive motivational fitness TV show. We encourage our viewers to get up off the couch and get moving with us. We cover a wide range of fitness styles and techniques, including boot camp, yoga, body weight exercise and weight training. Please like us on facebook at: Please Read More…