Becky Sanders

Becky Sanders

Communications and Marketing Manager

I took the Media Center studio class here in April 2007 and began volunteering regularly thereafter. I liked the work and the environment so much I joined Midpen Media Staff part time in October 2007, becoming full time staff in 2011.

As Communications and Marketing Manager, I keep people informed about what’s happening at Midpen plus I put people together to work on projects together, to find the mentoring or the services they seek.  I run our bimonthly Studio Tours. I go out into the community to cover events but also to represent Midpen.  Once people come through our doors, they are amazed at the variety of services and experiences they can have here.

This Media Center is the perfect place to develop and publicize your particular talents or interests or opinions. Public Access is a great way to incubate your talent if you plan to go national. Public Access is also the best media resource I know of that allows you to serve your community right here. National media outlets rarely reflect the interests of the local community. The Media Center gives us locals a real voice and a real choice.

Among other duties, I am responsible for interacting with the producers of the TV shows that you see on Channels 27, 28, 30 & 75. I am also a producer, and am particularly interested in identifying local songwriters and profiling their music on the show “American Songwriter.” Plus I host the monthly show West Coast Songwriters where local artists perform original music.


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