Submission Guidelines

  1.  Create a Consistent, Sensible and Meaningful Program Title

Title the video file as follows with no spaces:  Program Name_Episode # (if relevant)_Episode Title
(if relevant) Examples:


  1. Fill Out the Program Playback Form

Once we have your form and media we will schedule your program. The form comes is two options:

  1. Submit Media in an Acceptable Format

Physical Media- Accepted forms are:

  • Playable DVD
  • DVCam tape
  • Mini DV tape
    Digital Files – From Studio Productions (no edits.) Transferred by staff directly from the Studio Tricaster to our server as an MP4 file.
    Edited Digital Files – Studio Productions that go into post and ALL field productions. Export at resolution: 720p 60 OR 1080i.  Once you have one of these two resolutions, the desired codecs and file wrappers are:
    • MPEG4 File – packaged as .MP4 or .MOV file. Video codec is H.264 aka AVC at 7-15 Mbps data rate. Audio codec is AAC
    • MPEG2 File – packaged as .MPG or .MOV file. Video codec is MPEG2 at 10-20 Mbps data rate. Audio codec is AAC or MPEG1
    • Standard Definition 480i
  1.  Delivering a Digital File
  • • From any Midpen Media Center classroom computer, you can transfer a file directly.  Instructions are posted in the classroom.
  • •Drop off a flash drive that is labeled with your name
  • •Drop off an Electronic file stored on a DVD or a BluRay disk. Please, NO BluRay disks playable in a BluRay Player accepted.
  • •Send a link to a file stored in your personal Dropbox to
  • •Share via Google Drive with
  • •Make sure you submit either a paper or online playback form when you submit your file
  1.  Playback on the Regional channel – for all edited products (does not apply to Tricaster files)

  • •We supply programming for a Santa Clara County based regional channel (Comcast 27)
  • •Check with Programming Manager to see if your content is suitable for the regional channel
  • •Then provide a second file in one of the following formats:
    • • H.264 720×480 AAC (audio) at 48 khz and 29.97 frames per second (Quicktime or .MOV wrapper)
    • •MPEG with MP2 Audio that produces an .MPEG file
    1.  Important Aesthetic and Technical Considerations
    • •Include only the broadcastable part of your program
    • •No color bars, no countdowns, no slates
    • •Include only a few seconds of black at the beginning/end of the program
    • •Deliver your content in its original aspect ratio
    • •No letterboxing 16:9 content to make it 4:3
    • •No pillarboxing 4:3 content to make it 16:9  
    • •Consider shooting your video in our preferred formats 720p 60 OR 1080i in the first place
    • •If you shoot in higher resolutions, e.g. 1080p60, 4K, etc. you will have to downconvert the video to 1080i or 720p 60 when preparing the file you send to us.
    • •720p 30 and 1080p 30 are not desirable broadcast formats. When they get converted for cable broadcast the slow frame rate becomes a visible distraction. If your source video is recorded at too low a resolution, too low a frame rate or is too heavily compressed, there is no way to “fix” that in postproduction.

    Hot Tip – Download the free application “MediaInfo” software to review your file’s specifications in order to confirm that your video is in the right format before delivering it to us. Visit