Field Equipment


[introtext] All field production packages include camcorder, tripod, external microphone, mic cable, batteries. The public access portable equipment rates are here. [/introtext]

HD Cameras

  • Panasonic AG-HMC40 with Panasonic XLR Audio Adapters

MINI-DV camcorders

  • Sony VX-2000
  • Sony TRV-900

Also Available:

  • Lavalier mics
  • Shotgun mic and boom pole
  • Audio mixers (portable)
  • Extra handheld mics
  • Lowel light kits
  • Public address system
  • Video projector
Lavalier mics

Lavalier micsAudio mixers (portable)Audio mixers (portable) 

Lowel light kits

Lowel light kits

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