Law Talk

Law Talk brings the understanding of today’s law into your living room. We provide comprehensive overviews of the events of the day into everyday terms. Controversial issues involving legal matters are put in context of the law and the constitution.


The December edition (to be taped on Dec 9) will include the following segments:

1) Are Syrian Refugees or Gun Violence the bigger threat? – Mathew Littman, democrat strategist, calls gun violence a greater threat than Syrian Refugees, citing “Twenty kids being killed in Newtown.” The federal appeals court in Washington, DC will hear a challenge to the law that restricts Open Gun Carry and the case harks back to a 1328 English law (yes, that was a long time ago) passed by King Edward II, which prohibits carrying a sword for “doing mischief” after curfew in London. Open Gun Carry advocates cite a Syrian passport found near terrorist in Paris.

2) IRS Director Impeachment – House of Representatives moves to impeach IRS Director John Koskinen for cover up of muzzling of Tea Party campaigns in the 2012 election by the IRS erasing 422 back-up tapes and deleting 24,000 of IRS Supervisor Lois Lerner’s emails that were under subpoena,

3) ATF Restricts Gun Trusts – Pending ATF Rules Require Urgent Action to Claim Grandfather Exemption. If you have not yet formed your gun trust, do so now and submit your application prior to the effective date of pending ATF-41P regulation in an effort to be grandfathered in and not be subject to ATF-41P. ATF-41P will put onerous restriction on gun trusts and gun trustees.