The Battle for Egypt

OTHER VOICES: The Revolution in Egypt and the Prospects for Palestine (taped 2/1/2011) By Paul George, Producer, Other Voices

Anish Blon - February 8, 2011

Perhaps the most critical question to arise from the inspiring events in Egypt is this: What will this upheaval mean for the rest of the region? On this month’s edition of Other Voices we try to answer that question as it applies to the most persistent hotspot in the Middle East: the Israel-Palestine conflict. Egypt Read More…


Anish Blon - February 4, 2011

We regret that you’ll be missing our regularly scheduled programming on Saturday morning between 8 am and 10 am on Channel 27, however we feel it is very important to bring you a special 2 hour live program on developments in Egypt. Egypt is in crisis and the mainstream press is not providing robust coverage. Read More…