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Terrain Vague

Nancy Brown - April 23, 2014

Terrain Vague is a show filled with variety, led by two brothers who force their guests to sit through their bickering. Filled with regular goofy bits and whatever other content the crew can scrape together.

Soccer Game – Gunn vs. Los Altos

Elliot Margolies - November 15, 2013

Wes Rapaport and Grant Raffel announce the MC Sports Gunn Girls Soccer vs Los Gatos game on 1-11-13. Youth-led, youth-driven MC Sports program produced by the Media Center in Palo Alto.  

MC Studio Session Presents Blue Hills

Elliot Margolies - November 5, 2013

Rivka Amado, and the “Blue Hills” musical ensemble, perform an entrancing collection of traditional Sephardic (Ladino) songs. Sephardic music has its roots in the lyrical traditions of Jewish communities in medieval Spain. Since then, the music has picked up influences from Morocco, Argentina, Turkey, Greece, and other places that Spanish Jews settled after their expulsion Read More…

The Theatre Factory

Elliot Margolies - September 17, 2013

Local theater productions are invited into the Media Center Studios to perform excerpts of upcoming and current productions. Theaters and production companies are profiled using in-studio interviews, and externally shot segments provide insights into the behind-the-scene processes that make a local production come to life.  

The Next Step

Elliot Margolies -

“The Next Step: Showcasing the art, music, literature, spirituality and politics of the evolving new consciousness” The Next Step is hosted by Daniel Kottke, and features an hour-long panel discussion on a topic of the day.  

Neal’s Place

Elliot Margolies -

Blues master Kenny Neal hosts this half hour series of amazing blues performances with a different guest each week.

Jook Joint with EC Scott

nod_user - September 16, 2013

Each week EC Scott takes us on a journey through the blues world with her own performances, guest appearances and clips from some of the great blues houses.  

Hale I Ho’Omana

Elliot Margolies -

Hawaiian themed Praise and Music show.  

Everyone’s Yoga

Elliot Margolies -

Join Yoga instructor Andrea Throndson in a beginning-to-intermediate yoga class. Experience the many physical and mental joys that a yoga practice can bring.  

Cooking With Your Loved Ones

Elliot Margolies -

A fun and unique TV show for for kids and their parents. We introduce healthy and easy to make foods from all over the world. Watch as we teach international cooking techniques to kids along with you at home!