“Atherton election”

Voter Alert! Get Informed Here!

Anish Blon - September 25, 2013

You never want to pull the curtain on the voting booth, stare blankly at the names, and start reciting “eeny-meeny-miny-moe.” This is the kind of off-year election where it’s hard to find much information about candidates and measures – especially for local races such as the Menlo Park Fire Protection District where five candidates are Read More…

Election Night Coverage

Anish Blon - November 1, 2010

Even before the polls close in California, you can tune to your community access channels for unique election coverage. Beginning at 5 PM until 11 PM on Channel 28, you can see analysis of national results through the progressive lens of “Democracy Now!” in collaboration with “Free Speech TV”, “GritTV”, Mother Jones magazine, and The Read More…